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We have been working very closely with the Premier League on their flagship International football education programme since 2008, providing our services in a variety of areas on this innovative initiative. Premier Skills is a collaborative project between the Premier League and British Council that uses the power and appeal of football as a tool to help develop and enhance community coaching and English language skills of people around the world.

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What is Premier Skills?

Globally the programme engages young people in challenging areas through the global appeal of the Premier League, the British Council's international network and a number of professional football clubs successful experience in delivering community football programmes within the UK. 


Since Premier Skills was piloted in Egypt back in 2007 the programme has gone from strength to strength having real tangible and positive impact in changing the lives of many young people and adults around the world.


Teachers trained through English language manuals


Coaches and Referees trained by Premier Skills


Active countries, including South Africa, Sierra Leone, Zambia, USA and Myanmar 


of those involved in Premier Skills are female


Young people have worked with Premier Skills-trained coaches and referees 

Our areas of delivery

Using football to develop a brighter future for young people around the world...


Where and how are we doing it?

Since the first pilot in 2007, the project has been delivered across 26 countries which includes Afghanistan, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, Cameroon, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zambia.

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Key Objectives:

Internationally the programme has a number of targeted deliverables that each programme is looking to achieve:

  • Aim to influence governments and sports bodies in participating countries to use the power of football and sport to deliver educational and social outcomes.

  • Delivering training and support for people to become community coaches.

  • Providing access to skills (including English language and sport coaching) to those who wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise, improving their life chances.

  • A progressive programme building capacity and create networks of community coaches who will be able to use the power of football to support health, education, social inclusion and equalities.

Delivery Model:

Country selection into the programme depends on a number of factors ranging from the interest in the Premier League; interest to learning English; relevance of the UK's football in the community model; the UK and in country government strategic priorities.


The Premier League has a long-held commitment to invest in community and education programmes in the UK. With the global success of the Premier League, the opportunity exists to widen the positive impact of their domestic community programmes onto an International scale. Whilst the British Council has a purpose to connect people in the UK to people in other countries and as an organisation they find football as a great way to achieve that goal.

Apart from the online English learning a high proportion of Premier Skills is delivered as a face to face training programme targeting community coaching, community development, refereeing and coach education. Through helping to create community networks with the knock on positive effect of bringing high quality football activities to thousands of young people in the host countries.

  • Community Coaching

  • Refereeing

  • Coach Education

  • Community Development​

Premier Skills provides a number of development phases for coaches. 

At the first phase it equips coaches with focused football coaching skills and an introduction to coach education.


Whilst the second stage, selected coaches are able to further develop their coaching and coach education skills to a more advanced level, including a focus on setting up their own community football development projects. Finally at stage three, selected coaches embark on a full coach educators course role which on successfully completing this process enables them to run their own coach training programmes.


Premier Skills also trains community referees, using highly skilled trainers form the UK to provide them with the skills that improves the long-term match management  and development of the game.   

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