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Innovative Sports Consultancy has a proven track record for success and prides itself on finding innovative and robust solutions to todays programme ideas and challenges.


We want to help you develop the right sport structures and sport learning!


We work closely and carefully with our clients before embarking on any sports consultancy project to ensure there needs are clearly identified, we have an agreed logical way of moving forward whilst ensuring at every step of the way your requirements are complete from start to finish.
Educating, Training and Developing people and organisations of today for future challenges and goals of tomorrow! 

Consultancy is a key part of us and what we do as we feel a personal touch in todays industry is important rather than a standard "off the shelf" approach to your needs. We see each new project as a stand alone piece of work which is new and exciting where we want to work with you to develop a bespoke sustainable solutions not just for now but with a long term focus.  

Whilst it is always our desire to develop long term relationships, as we do with many of our clients. We are always very keen to develop the right internal sporting structures within an environment that challenges and develops those organisations to become independent and self sufficient. So that you feel like you can grow and develop comfortably from within following our specialised intervention work.  We want to give you that can do attitude and capacity building to feel comfortable in doing that whilst always knowing we can be there to lead a hand to continue to help you on your way.

Innovation & Quality 

Our name speaks for itself in the fact we see innovation as an important part of our work. We seek to overcome challenges and support people plus organisations towards their goals through finding creative and innovative ways along their chosen pathway. We can design and deliver bespoke solutions to meet your organisational needs and objectives. 

Quality is important to you so you can be rest assured it is important to us too. We ensure that their are internal quality management systems in place that are progressively effective so that we can continuously strive to provide the right quality product or service time and time again for our clients. 

Passionate About What We Do 

We all live and breath sport plus physical activity and feel very fortunate enough to be able to share that passion with other like minded people who feel the same.

Because of this passion we take enormous pride and care in what we do to make sure that not only is our clients interest and passion protected but the sport, programme, activity or individual(s) as a whole is too. 

So rest assured not only can we guarantee we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector but you are in safe hands because we are passionate about what we do and we love doing it.

Flexible & Adaptable To Support People Towards Their Goals 

We understand the municipal impact sport and physical activity can play in our lives plus the huge potential it can have in providing positive outcomes for those you have a desire to work with. Our practical experience across sports development, physical activity, sport and sports for development leaves us in a very strong position to understand how to effectively asses your needs.


Are aim is to ensure a flexible approach to meeting your goals or organisational objectives whilst understanding the need to have that adaptability to support you along every necessary agreed step of the way. 

Our areas of delivery

Innovative Sports Consultancy can offer all of the above services and more. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover today how we can help.


"Through connecting minds we can collectively help to shape and create a great sporting future!"

Need More Info?

If you are interested in hearing more about any of the above delivery areas or about how we can support you then please get in touch.

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