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Providing high quality guidance and advice to the sports sector both in the UK and Internationally, we are a forward thinking organisation that has a proven track record for success.
Take a look at a selection of what ISC is currently doing under its four sector strategic delivery themes below. 
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If you are interested in hearing more about any of the above projects or about how we can support you then please get in touch.

We offer a range of services through the knowledge and expertise of our specialist staff or associates.

Whether working in the commercial, educational, public or non-profit sector we can provide a number of opportunities and solutions in the following areas:

Sport Dev Planning

No effective sports development plan can be written by one person. Having a good development plan can breathe life into your sport, project or community programme.


We can offer professional knowledge and expertise to support or drive forward your planning process, ensuring at every stage we involve the right people along the way through an effective planning model to your targeted success.   

Coach Education
Project Managment & Delivery

Research shows that projects which are designed and planned with care, have a much higher success rate and have longer lasting effects/higher sustainability.


Careful strategic planning integrating all relevant stakeholders is an integral part of the project implementation. So whether you are keen to up-skill your staff on effective project management or require specific hands on knowledge, expertise or support in this area we would be more than happy to help.

Volunteer Development
Training Delivery or Facilitation

It's important Organisations need people with great training and facilitation skills  


We have range of professional knowledge and expertise at lead and practitioner levels in a number of areas which include facilitator/ to support or drive forward your planning process, ensuring at every stage we involve the right people along the way through an effective planning model to your targeted success.   

Funding Support

As a leading provider currently we are offering a number of professional courses and qualifications to support and enhance coaches continuous professional development. Ensuring you as a coach keep on top of or stay ahead of the game. 


Check out a range of the courses we are currently offering by visiting our Coach Education Section.


We understand the importance of volunteers and coaches to the sporting communities both in the UK and international landscape. Because quite simply these key people and sporting role models make community sport happen.


In recognition of this importance we offer a variety of ways to support a number of organisations to ensure they have the tools and the knowledge to identify and support such a valuable resource, so that they can start or continue to play such a key role in the development of your sport or programme objectives.


We have a proven track record and a growing reputation within the charitable sector for work within this area.


From start to finish we aim to ensure your money makes the difference you set out to achieve. Our support takes many forms ranging from structuring an application process, workforce training, grantee support plus monitoring and evaluation of programmes.

Areas of delivery
Our areas of delivery

Innovative Sports Consultancy can offer all of the above services and more. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover today how we can help.


"Through connecting minds we can collectively help to shape and create a great sporting future!"


How We Work
We work closely and carefully with our clients before embarking on any sports consultancy project to ensure there needs are clearly identified, we have an agreed logical way of moving forward whilst ensuring at every step of the way your requirements are complete from start to finish.
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