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Innovative Sports Education has a proven track record for success and prides itself on finding innovative and robust solutions to todays programme ideas and challenges.


We want to help you develop sport and sport learning!


We aim to inspire the current and next generation of young people and adults to value and understand the municipal impact sport can have on their lives. In this area we work successfully with a range of sector partners as we want to help shape and create a sporting, plus physically active, happy and healthy future for all. 


A key part of any sports programme or PE delivery is quality and sustainability. Therefore, through our training packages and guidance we aim to not only provide specialist workforce training and advice within this sector, but most  importantly ensure opportunity to find ways to make your PE programme or sports intervention sustainable, innovative and progressive moving forward.




No effective sports development plan can be written by one person. Having a good development plan can breathe life into your sport, project or community programme.


We can offer professional knowledge and expertise to support or drive forward your planning process, ensuring at every stage we involve the right people along the way through an effective planning model to your targeted success.   


Research shows that projects which are designed and planned with care, have a much higher success rate and have longer lasting effects/higher sustainability.


Careful strategic planning integrating all relevant stakeholders is a key part of the project implementation. So whether you are keen to up-skill your staff on effective project management or require specific hands on knowledge, expertise or support in this area we would be more than happy to help.

Rugby Scrimage
Volleyball Tournament
basketball game
Learning to Swim
Fun Dance Class
martial arts
Soccer Ref
Field Hockey Huddle
Basketball Class
Soccer Practice
Kids Playing Volleyball
Our areas of delivery

Innovative Sports Consultancy can offer all of the above services and more. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and discover today how we can help.


"Through connecting minds we can collectively help to shape and create a great sporting future!"

Need More Info?

If you are interested in hearing more about any of the above areas or about how we can support you then please get in touch.

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