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A Quality Provision is Key

Premier Skills Coach Educators Kaka, Festus and Mwajirani over the last few months have been out in Kenya visiting both DFID project delivery sites in Kisumu and Mount Elgon implementing site quality assurance checks so that programme planning, delivery and ongoing reviews remain to a high standard with consistent delivery approaches occurring both on the pitch and off the pitch during the Violence Against Women and Girls workshop delivery.

All three of these individuals have gone through a great learning journey via Premier Skills since they started back in 2009 and we have been fortunate enough to have shaped and supported this development and delivery on many occasions along the way. Since their newly acquired up-skilling process around quality control with us and other consultant partners, all have been developing well within this new found role. With clear benefits already starting to be seen and appreciated by both the Premier Skills Inclusion Coaches themselves and most importantly the participants involved in the weekly programme.

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