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Football Gives Us Opportunity To Dream

Recently we have just returned from an Inspirational visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Africa, following a very positive scoping trip with the UNHCR and the British Council Kenya team. Although our time there was fairly short we had a very busy few days meeting key stakeholders who had a vested interest in football this included host community sports network members, Kakuma camp football leaders, camp sports representatives, the county government and even squeezing in some time to observe a couple of male and female organised football camp matches.

The main purpose of our scoping trip was to explore potential opportunities and collaboration with the UNHCR and partners, on the possibility of developing a multi layered football programme with any existing structures in camp and with the local host community members. Our football discussions throughout our duration looked at the high level of young people and adults wanting to have play the game, right through to looking at developing a workforce to support current and future footballing opportunities whether organised or recreational.

Right from the outset it was clearly evident there was a great passion, love and desire for football both on the pitch and off the pitch. And you could really feel the positive impact and municipal benefits these opportunities gave the people from fun, enjoyment, bringing communities together, breaking down barriers, social interaction, health, displacement and therapeutic prevention. With one community member summing his views fantastically well "Football gives us opportunities to dream".

During one part of our stay we worked with 40 passionate camp football leaders delivering a one day taster of Premier Skills Coach Education, which resulted in them running an inspirational football festival that brought such joy to a number of young people from the different zones within the camp.

We were very fortunate enough also to be joined on our trip by Kaka one of our Kenya Coach Educators, who provided a great insight into his football learning journey and the positive impact he has gained from being involved in a structured community football development programme. Check out his great insight and empowering words in the above video. It was a real pleasure working with the UNHCR, British Council Kenya and all key stakeholders during our stay and we look very much forward to hopefully exploring future opportunities to further harness Kakuma's passion for football both on and off the pitch. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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